Quick Answer: Which Shape Is A Rectangle But Not A Square?

What is a rectangle that is not a square?

In conclusion, a rectangle is not a square if all 4 sides of the rectangle are not congruent, that is, all 4 sides of the rectangle do not have the same length..

What does a non square rectangle look like?

To be a rhombus all sides must be equal in length. A non-square rhombus is also a parallelogram but could also be described as a kite. … A non-square rectangle is an oblong.

Which shape is a rectangle and a square?

A quadrilateral has four sides, is 2-dimensional (a flat shape), closed (the lines join up), and has straight sides. Both rectangles and squares are quadrilaterals. Both shapes are two-dimensional four-sided closed figures with straight sides.

Is a rectangle sometimes a square?

A rectangle is a quadrilateral, all of whose angles are equal i.e. right angles. Square, apart from all equal angles, also has all sides equal. Hence, square is a special case of rectangle. In other words rectangle is sometimes a square (when all sides too are equal).