Question: How Can I Watch Pik On My TV?

How does PIK TV work?

Pik TV lets you stream on up to 2 screens at the same time.

Plus, you’ll get access to the entire TELUS On Demand library including new releases, library classics and the TELUS Healthy Living Network.

Note: Pik TV does not have PVR capabilities, meaning you cannot pause, rewind or fast forward live tv..

What is PIK TV with Telus?

What is Pik TV? It is a live TV streaming solution for the modern household that lets you watch your favourite shows – live or on demand – on just about any screen! Start with 23 basic channels, then choose Crave TV or your choice of 5 live TV or On Demand channels and premium content.

Can you record shows with PIK TV?

The media box is not equipped with a recording device, so if you are a big recorder of shows, this is something to consider. That said, you can use On Demand to go back and watch shows you may have missed at any time. Pik TV only works when you are online.

Can you watch Netflix on PIK TV?

The optional TELUS Pik TV media box, powered by Android TV™, lets you access your favourite Hindi, Punjabi and English shows and streaming apps like Netflix and YouTube all in one place.

How much does PIK TV cost?

Basics + Pik 5 Current regular price is $20 per month. Get your choice of 5 channels – plus up to 23 local and regional channels.

How much does TV on demand cost?

It’s a monthly subscription service, and you have three pricing options: single-stream standard definition plan for $9.99, two-stream high-definition plan for $12.99, four-stream 4K ultra-high definition family plan for $15.99. You can sign up for a one-month free trial.

Does PIK TV work with Apple TV?

The new Pik TV app for Apple TV 4 or newer launched last Tuesday, allowing customers another place to stream Pik TV, without the need for additional hardware. If you’re an existing Pik TV customer, just download the new app on your Apple TV.

How do you download apps on a PIK TV?

Update your Pik TV media boxFrom the Pik TV app press the home button on your remote to launch the Android TV home screen. From there navigate to the Google Play Store and launch it. … Navigate to My Apps.Click on Pik TV and then select UPDATE.Select OPEN to launch your updated Pik TV app.

What channels are on PIK TV?

The Basics + Pik 5 Pik 5 includes your choice of 5 specialty channels from a selection of 85+ options, including favourites like Discovery, Bravo, Space, Food Network and HGTV plus a variety of news, sports, multi-cultural and children’s channels.

How do I set up my PIK TV?

Set up your Pik TV mobile app on an Android mobile deviceFrom the home screen of your Android device, navigate to the Play Store.In the search bar of the Play Store, enter Pik TV and select Search.The Pik TV app will appear. … Once the download has completed, the Pik TV app will be available on the home screen.More items…

What is the difference between Optik TV and PIK TV?

Pik offers the most popular live TV channels to choose from. You enjoy a variety of channels. Optik offers the most live TV channels, including 4K and kids programming. You use a variety of apps.

Do I pay for on demand TV?

Do I have to pay for on demand TV Shows? For the current premium content, the latest movies and TV shows, the answer in most cases is – Yes. You will need to subscribe to a premium content provider and these usually have a cost associated with them.

What is included in Telus essentials?

Essentials. Over 65 local and U.S. channels, with a minimum of 20 in HD. Includes 74 Stingray commercial-free music channels plus 90 radio stations.

How do I watch PIK TV on my laptop?

Your browser together with Pik TV gives you access to live channels and all On Demand movies that are available with your subscription. You can access Pik TV through your web browser at

How do I watch Pik on my smart TV?

On-screen setupIf you would like to set up Pik TV on your Android phone or tablet, select Yes on your TV screen and continue the setup process on your mobile device. Note: Select No to skip setting up with an Android device. … For the highest-quality connection, attach your router to your media box using an Ethernet cable.

Is Pik TV on demand free?

Browse free TV On Demand content from major networks Note: All major networks content within the Free Shows category is free for all customers.

Does Telus have an app to watch TV?

Optik TV app explained You can use the app to watch live TV, set recordings and access our On Demand library on your smartphone, tablet, Apple TV or computer.

Can I get PIK TV without Telus Internet?

Unfortunately, there are no plans to offer Pik TV without a TELUS internet connection in the near future.

How do I change the channel on my Pik TV?

You can change your channel subscriptions by logging in to your My TELUS. Whenever you add a new channel to your Pik TV subscription, the channel is locked in to your subscription for 30 days.

Does Optik TV need Internet?

Optik TV requires a Telus internet connection. It will not work with Shaw.